Patricia Creative Cakes

I design cakes for all types of events including weddings, birthdays, bachelor parties, christenings, communions, Halloween, graduation, hen parties, baby showers, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Easter or corporate events.

My prices start from 100 euros for a cake of 6 servings. I don’t do smaller cakes. I require a minimum of 5 days notice when you order a cake.

Patricia Creative Cakes

The different cakes I can do for you

Celebration cakes

I offer a huge variety of celebration cakes. Check out my collection of cakes including those made for christenings, wedding day birthday, Saint Valentine, Christmas, Easter or even corporate events.

Wedding cakes

You may wish a buttercream or a sugarpaste wedding cake, it’s fine! I will be glad to make your wedding cake and even to add cupcakes or popcakes for your special day!

Birthday cakes

For the last 10 years, I have already created more than 4000 birthday cakes for my clients. My creativity is truly without limit when it comes to celebrate one more year!

Happy birthday Sara!

I was pleased to make a cake for Sara De Paduwa during the morning show.

Watch my cake on RTBF VivaCité

The cakes of the week

These are the most recent cakes I have done for my clients.

True handmade cakes and chocolates!

We are part of The Belgian Chocolate Makers, a certified handcraft chocolate maker.

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