If you would like to have your cake decorated with fresh flowers I recommend that you read carefully the following. Only edible flowers can be put on cakes. Don’t ask me to put flowers that you bought in your florist, I will refuse!

I am happy to place pre-arranged edible flowers on your cake on delivery. There is an additional fee of 75 euros for this special service.

Please note that it is important to ensure that flowers that are not suitable for consumption do not come into direct contact with the cake itself. I cannot be liable for any contamination to your cake that may arise from the misuse of fresh flowers.

Van Laethem

I only use edible flowers bought from a florist registered with the AFSCA food agency named Van Laethem. The edible flowers of Van Laethem are specially grown for the cake design. They are perfect for tasting and decorating every cake. We can use 40 different types of flowers: from the classic violet to the delicate day lily.

Of course there is an additional fee for this service but it is the only way to put fresh flowers on a cake.