I started cake decorating as a hobby in 2012, and my purpose was simply to make my family and friends happy. First, I discovered the cupcakes world and the sugar paste modelling during my first cupcake workshop at Posh & Swanky in Halifax. I really enjoyed it so I decided to start a new career!

After graduating from David Cakes Masterclasses, Slattery, Olivier Bajard International School Pastry and many other places, I decided to open my own cake business in Sitges (Barcelona South, Spain). It was such a great success and, for more than 4 years, I baked a lot of amazing cakes (many of them are displayed on this website). I also organized hundreds of workshops and classes to teach to my clients how to make beautiful cakes.

I loved to see my Spanish clients so happy. After 4 years of very hard work, and having built a reputable name in Spain, I sold my Spanish business to Berta’s Fantasy Cakes. I moved to Belgium in September 2016 to develop a new project and experience a new country.