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Frequent answered questions (FAQs)

1. About me

a) What is your background?


I started cake decorating as a hobby in 2012, and my purpose was simply to make my family and friends happy. First, I discovered the cupcakes world and the sugar paste modelling during my first cupcake workshop at Posh & Swanky in Halifax. I really enjoyed it so I decided to start a new career!

After graduating from David Cakes Masterclasses, Slattery, Olivier Bajard International School Pastry and many other places, I decided to open my own cake business in Sitges (Barcelona South, Spain). It was such a great success and, for more than 4 years, I baked a lot of amazing cakes (many of them are displayed on this website). I also organized hundreds of workshops and classes to teach to my clients how to make beautiful cakes.

I loved to see my Spanish clients so happy. After 4 years of very hard work, and having built a reputable name in Spain, I sold my Spanish business to Berta’s Fantasy Cakes. I moved to Belgium in September 2016 to develop a new project and experience a new country.


b) Cake design is your principal activity?


In Spain, it was my principal activity for 4 years.

Since I am in Brussels, I decided to change a little my work approach and I am doing cake design only as a secondary activity.

The reason of that is because I also work for the Le Creuset brand. I am the store manager of their Brussels shop on a full time basis.

I really love to share my time between both the management of the Le Creuset store and my own cake design activity. By sharing my time between my work at Le Creuset and my cake design activity, I don’t have my mind totally focused on the same thing at all times and I am feeling myself even more creative!


c) Do you have a pastry diploma?


Yes, I am fully licensed. I got my certificate in pastry and bakery delivered by the Belgian authorities.
This certificate allows me to make and sell my cakes in Belgium and the whole Europe.

Additionally, I got many certifications from private international schools including David Cakes in Liverpool (UK), Slattery in Manchester (UK), Olivier Bajard International School of Pastry (France) and much more.




2. The cakes

a) Are you designing cakes for all occasions?


I design cakes for all types of events including (but not limited to) straight and gay weddings, birthdays, bachelor parties, hen parties, Christenings, communions, Halloween, school and university graduation, baby showers, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Easter, corporate events including the launch of new products or opening of a shops…


b) How do we choose the design of our cake?


The size of the cake will depend on the number of guests you need to cater for. If your cake is being served as dessert, the size is going to be twice as big. When designing your cake, you need to consider the style and theme of the occasion and the personality of the individual(s) for whom the cake is being made. Photographs, magazine clippings, stationery, etc. can all help when it comes to designing the cake.

With regards to wedding cakes, it’s certainly a good idea to bring along any of the above to your consultation together with colour swatches and pictures of flowers and pieces of fabric so we can incorporate one or more of the elements into your wedding cake.


c) Can I have a different flavor in each tier?


Yes! You can have as many flavors as you have tiers. As I layer all my cakes with ganache, you can also choose the filling flavors as well.

For dessert servings, I usually recommend a maximum of two flavours so the cake can be easily served as alternate drop.

You can download the full list of flavours here.


d) Can I supply my own cake design ideas?


Yes absolutely!

It’s important that we work together to incorporate your style and tastes into your order. I work individually with each client to ensure your cake, cupcakes or cookies are tailored for your event. For design inspiration, I encourage you to check out the search section of this website. Whether you are interested in black and red cakes, animal themed cakes, corporate cupcakes or kids birthday cakes our search section allows you to search across an endless number of cakes I already designed.


e) Do you make egg free cakes?


We do not offer egg free cakes.
In addition, please keep in mind we are not an egg-free facility.


f) Your cakes are beautiful but do they taste good too?


I make all of my cakes, cupcakes and cookies to order. That means I am baking them when you order them. There is no frozen products here! I only use fresh ingredients, including real butter, milk, flour, sugar and eggs! When I make hazelnut filling, I am roasting the hazelnuts and grinding them to a smooth paste for a delicious rich flavor.

This means my cakes not only look beautiful, but they also taste delicious.

You can download the full list of flavours here.


g) Do you offer logo cookies for corporate events?


We make custom cookies, perfect for party favors for weddings, showers, birthday parties and more. Our delicious shortbread cookies can be cut into many different shapes, hand decorated with fondant and royal icing, and wrapped in cellophane and a ribbon.


h) Are the numbers and figurines on the cake edible?


The numbers and figurines are made out of sugar paste.
The sugar paste is edible but generally very hard since it is dried in advance.


i) Do you make dairy free cakes?


No, we do not offer dairy free cakes.
In addition please keep in mind we are not a dairy-free facility.


j) Can you make picture cakes, cupcakes or cookies?


We do have the capability of printing your pictures, corporate logos or images onto cakes, cupcakes and cookies. Displaying your corporate logo on one of our creative cake designs is a great way to brand your company. Corporations have also used picture cakes & cupcakes for new brand launches, retirement dinners, and charity events, and company anniversaries.

Some examples of our corporate branded cakes, cupcakes and cookies are available on this website.
Please contact us for more information.


k) Do you make display cakes?


I can make display cakes perfect for bridal events, outdoor weddings or magazine shoots. Please contact us to learn more.


l) What flavours do you offer?


We offer an extensive choice of flavours and fillings for you to choose from.
If you have any particular flavour in mind that is not there, please let us know and we will try our best to accommodate you.

For the sponge:

  • Belgian chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Banana
  • Lemon
  • Orange
  • Coffee
  • Red velvet
  • Carrot cake

For the buttercream filling(s):

  • Vanilla
  • Belgian chocolate
  • Lemon
  • Coffee
  • Tiramisu
  • Orange
  • Strawberry
  • Raspberry
  • Pineapple
  • Berries
  • Green apple
  • Mango
  • Blackberries
  • Mint
  • Fruit of the passion
  • Coconut
  • Bubble gum
  • Coca Cola ®

You can download the full list of flavours here.


m) Do you make gluten free cakes?


Yes, we offer gluten free cakes for any type of event including weddings.

Choosing to make a gluten free cake will incur a 10% additional charge towards the order due to the additional expense of gluten free ingredients.


n) Are you only doing sugar paste cakes?


I always try to deliver the best sugar paste cakes in Brussels for all occasions. Each cake is an artistic creation that will make your celebration beautiful and unforgettable.

Truly, sugar paste cakes are my speciality but I also do naked cakes a lot.
I bake as well cupcakes, cookies, homemade macaroons, popcakes and lot of french patisserie.

My passion is to create unique treats for all your private or corporate celebrations.


o) Are you going to take photos of my cake?


Most probably. 🙂

We reserve the right to photograph your cake for our own reference, display or promotional advertising without compensation to you.


p) Will you do exactly what I request?


Cake design is a creative and organic process.
I will do my very best to replicate and create your selected design as closely as possible.

But… Please understand that if you come to me with a photo of a cake found on the internet and ask me to do exactly the same then it will be a big NO. I am an artistic person so I will be inspired by the photo you show me but I will take it as an example only. You will never get exactly the same cake.


3. Ordering a cake

a) Do you offer consultation and tasting?


As a one-woman business I have found that the needs of all of my clients are best met through email and phone consultations. Most of the consultations are done via email, messenger, whatsapp and phone.

Email: admin@patriciacreativecakes.com
SMS or Whatsapp: +32 483 69 09 63
Phone: +32 2 833 54 37

Nevertheless I can also visit your home or company in case of a large event.

I offer tasting at the request of the client. I make proposals but the final flavour is always chosen by the client. I bake the “tasting cake” to match the requested flavour and, when it is done, I arrange a convenient day and time for the client to come and taste the cake at our office. Each “tasting cake” is charged 25€.

You can download the full list of flavours here.


b) How far in advance should I place my order?


I would like as much lead-time as possible… but if you have a short notice order, ask me, and I will try to get it done for you!
If possible, I ask that you give me at least 2 weeks notice on cake orders.


c) How much will I expect to pay for a cake?


All of our wedding cakes and celebration cakes are designed to suit your personal style and requirements. Prices will vary according to the amount of details and portions you would like to serve from the cake. If you click on the images in our online portfolio,  you will get an idea of costs and how many portions that particular cake (as seen) will serve.

The average price is 10€ per serving.

You can make an online quote by clicking here.

If you ask yourself why cakes are expensive, please read this article.
The final price will depend on serving numbers and the complexity of details chosen, and each cake is quoted on an individual basis.


d) Do you charge for VAT?


Yes, we do.
My business is VAT registered and my VAT registration number is BE 0665.781.373.

The VAT rate applicable is 6%.


e) Should I make a deposit?


Yes. I will reserve your event date and confirm your order ONLY when a deposit is received.

The deposit shall be received no more than 14 days from the date of your event and shall equal 50% of the total balance and is required to reserve the date.

The deposit is non-refundable and shall not be refunded under any circumstances.


f) When should I make the final payment?


Payment of the remaining balance, if any, is due by the date of the event.

Please note that if the payment is not received, we reserve the right to refuse the delivery.
Absolutely no refund shall be granted within 14 days of the event.


g) What is your cancellation policy?


Cake cancellations must be made in writing. As your cake booking is reserved solely for you and certain components for your cake(s) may be ordered and/or made months in advance the following conditions are implemented when an order is cancelled.

For wedding cake orders cancelled within 6 weeks or celebration cake orders cancelled within 3 weeks of your scheduled date, the full balance is payable.

Please note that all deposits are non-refundable.


h) Can I make changes to my order?


I advise that you check your order carefully and let me know within 7 days whether changes are needed. Your cake is very important to me and should you require any alterations after that period I will endeavour to do my best to accommodate them. If the alteration affects the cost, or if the preparatory work on your cake has already commenced, we reserve the right to increase the quoted fee accordingly.


i) How can we plan our cake from abroad?


Lots of our clients are in the same situation…

Just because you live abroad, it shouldn’t make the design process difficult. We are able to respond via email, SMS or the WhatsApp application generally well within 24 hours, and also offer video calls should you prefer.

We can get all of the details finalised remotely and deliver the cake to you once you are in Brussels.

Payments can be made online using your Visa, Mastercard or Maestro card.


4. Special offers

a) Is there a discount for large cakes?


Yes, definitively.

For cakes serving a minimum of 50 guests I offer an interesting -10% discount.

For cakes serving 75 guests or more I offer a generous -15% discount.

For cakes serving a minimum of 100 guests I offer a fantastic -20% discount.

For cakes serving 150 guests or more I offer a great -25% discount.

For cakes serving a minimum of 200 guests I offer an exceptional -35% discount.

The discount excludes delivery costs.
Additional discount may be offered if you print my logo on your program, menu, etc… or if you link my facebook page and website to yours.
Special marketing options may be discussed if needed.


b) Is there a discount for repetitive orders?


I love to see my clients coming back again and again.

Some of my clients ask me to design the birthday cakes of their kids every year and it is great to see their children years after years.

Fidelity of my clients are one of my key priority.

And it is the same thing for my corporate clients. Some clubs, restaurants or firms celebrate their anniversaries each year and they want me to make their anniversary cakes years after years. I really love their fidelity! 🙂

In the box of your first cake you will find a paper card telling you how I loved to design your dessert. A personal discount code of -15% will also be quoted on the card. You will be able to use this personal code when ordering your next cake.

Pretty cool, no?


5. The workshop

a) Is your workshop AFSCA approved?


Of course it is! 🙂

I bake all my cakes at Co-oking, an AFSCA licensed workshop and kitchen in Anderlecht.

Rue Henri Joseph Genesse 34
1070 Anderlecht

Patricia Creative Cakes is registered with the AFSCA.
Our establishment unit number is 2.266.659.475 and our authorization number is AER/BRU/025236.


6. Delivery

a) Do you have a delivery service?


We offer a delivery and set-up service for all cakes.

We are based in the centre of Brussels (Avenue Louise) and delivery is calculated on distance to your venue.


b) Where do you deliver to?


We deliver anywhere within a two hour radius of the centre of Brussels.

Due to cost we do not offer delivery outside of this area. However you are welcome to collect your cake if your venue is further afield.

If your cake is collected we will package it appropriately and issue you with storage and transportation guidelines.

We cannot accept responsibility for any damage to collected cakes after they have left our premises.


c) Can I pick up the cake at your office?


Yes, you can pick up your cake at our office on Avenue Louise at a time arranged with us.
But… I really not recommend this option.

Should you choose to pick up your cake at our office, we shall not be responsible for damage incurred once the cake leaves our premises.


d) What if something happens after the delivery?


We will make every possible effort to create and safely deliver your cake. Once delivery and setup is complete, we shall not assume any responsibility for your guests’, florist’s, caterer’s or any other person’s acts with regard to your cake, or any property damage or injury that occurs as a result of our services and/or provision of your cake.

We shall have no responsibility for the condition of the cake once delivered to you or to your event venue.

High temperatures can adversely affect your cake. It is your responsibility to arrange with the venue an appropriate spot for the cake, out of direct sunlight and away from unnecessary heat.


e) How should my cake be stored?


When your cake is collected or delivered, we will issue you or your event coordinator with a cake information sheet which will detail storage and serving information to ensure your delicious cake is served to your guests at its very best.

To enjoy my cakes at their freshest, I recommend that they are consumed within 24 hours of delivery or collection.


f) How do I care for my cake?


My cakes do not like being put in the refrigerator!

Once you have received the cake, you can store it in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight. You can refrigerate or freeze cakes once they have been cut to preserve them. If you would like to keep any decorations such as sugar flowers or figurines, remove them from the cake and store in a container preferably with some anti-moisture crystals.


7. Special requests

a) Do you make cakes for special diets?


Unfortunately all of my cakes presently contain wheat, eggs and dairy.

Whilst all cakes do not contain nuts we do use nuts in our workshop.


b) Are you doing classes in Brussels?


Yes, I offer private cake, cookie and cupcake decorating lessons for individuals and small groups at our Co-oking workshop.
The classes are not regular and are advertised on our Facebook page (events section).

If you are interested in a private lesson please contact me for your own custom decorating course.


c) Can I have my cake decorated with fresh flowers?


If you would like to have your cake decorated with fresh flowers I recommend that you read carefully the following. Only edible flowers can be put on cakes. Don’t ask me to put flowers that you bought in your florist, I will refuse!

I am happy to place pre-arranged edible flowers on your cake on delivery. There is an additional fee of 75 euros for this special service.

edible flowers

Please note that it is important to ensure that flowers that are not suitable for consumption do not come into direct contact with the cake itself. I cannot be liable for any contamination to your cake that may arise from the misuse of fresh flowers.

Van Laethem

I only use edible flowers bought from a florist registered with the AFSCA food agency named Van Laethem. The edible flowers of Van Laethem are specially grown for the cake design. They are perfect for tasting and decorating every cake. We can use 40 different types of flowers: from the classic violet to the delicate day lily.

Of course there is an additional fee for this service but it is the only way to put fresh flowers on a cake.


d) Do you have cake stands to hire?


I love to collect gorgeous cake stands and have a variety which are available for hire at a cost of €20-€35 depending on size, plus a €75-€150 refundable security deposit (depending on size of stand) per stand.

Cake stands are due to be returned within two working days of your event upon which the security deposit is repaid in the absence of any damage.

Additional items (faux cakes, displays, cake stands, other rental items) must be returned within 48 hours of event date stated on invoice, unless we agree to pick items up. The deposit is refundable provided the rental item(s) is (are) returned in the same exact condition within 48 hours of the delivery time and date.

After 48 hours the deposit shall be forfeited.


Patricia Creative Cakes

I deal with a lot of high profile clients.
Many firms count on me for their corporate events.

Did you know?I designed the cake for the 5th anniversary
of Hard Rock Cafe Brussels.

I also blissfully created the cake for the 1st anniversary
of Hard Rock Cafe Antwerp.

I am proudly supported by Kenwood Belgium.
My workshop is supplied with Chef XL Titanium robots.

Now you can also buy your cake supplies.
Lots of great products in stock.

Happy birthday Sara!I was glad to make a "number cake" for the RTBF morning show
to celebrate the 38th birthday of Sara de Paduwa.

My event was a success and the cake was the star of the party! It was beautiful and delicious and all I expected. My guests also loved the cake and thought it was a true work of art and very tasty! Thanks again for the wonderful job you did on making my vision come to reality and for the great service. I will be sure to keep Patricia Creative Cakes in mind for any future special events. All the best,

Cynthia James

Best. Cake. Ever!!!! Patricia created my vision better than I even envisioned it! Unbelievable! Excellent customer service. Efficient. Professional. Patient. I can't say enough good things. Thank you Thank you Thank you Patricia!!!

Andrew Lewis

Thank you so much!! This was such a hit at my sister's shower! Everything was amazing and delicious! You all were a pleasure to work with and we will be back soon! Thanks again!

Barbara Patterson

My daughter's birthday on Sunday was a great success! Both adults and kids had a blast! The cake was delicious and EVERYONE commented on how beautiful it was! Thank you for once again making my little girl's dreams come true! She was super excited about the cake... I wouldn't dream of anyone else making her cakes. Thank you,

William Richardson

Made with love
This cake melted my heart from the very first moment I laid eyes on it! It was hard to hold the tears back because it truly was everything I could have hoped for to make my daughter's first birthday special We can never thank you enough for helping to make her big day truly memorable!!

Bruce Robinson

I wanted to thank you so very much for helping to make our baby shower so perfectly sweet! Everyone was just amazed with how perfect everything looked and of course it was all equally delicious. I loved the bunny topper so much that I'm trying to figure out if I can preserve it somehow. Just completely precious. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. It was so much fun to show up and see your stunning works of art. They were such a hit. Much love,

Kathy Foster

Our cake was absolutely gorgeous and definitely one of the highlights of our wedding day! Delicious too! Any advice on how to preserve the sugar flowers? Thank you for helping make our day extra special! Once I have photos from our professional photographer I'll send them your way. Sincerely,

Willie Bailey

Thanks for creating this beautiful cake for my daughters birthday! It's gorgeous! Everyone says it was the best cake they ever had! Thanks so much for the detailed cookies. Patricia, you are so sweet and professional. You will see me again. All the best xoxo

Sean Collins